Integrated Subsurface Evaluation

About RAS

RAS, Inc.

RAS, Inc. offers the broadest range and most scientifically advanced borehole geophysical, hydrophysical and other subsurface technologies for the characterization and monitoring of aquifers and ground water systems in the non-petroleum market place. With drought concerns in the news, understanding the groundwater component of your watershed and water system is absolutely critical. Sustainability of water for agricultural or industrial use depends upon optimization of groundwater sources which requires measurement and monitoring of the resource. RAS provides technologies for just this purpose.

These technologies are used to characterize sites associated with water banking, drought mitigation, sustainability practices, conjunctive (ground-surface), environmental, engineering, water supply, and mining projects for public and private clients. Applications include aquifer storage and recovery, water banking, optimization of pumping for irrigation and other drought mitigation purposes.

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RAS personnel

RAS personnel are the original developers of the hydrophysical logging technology. Our proprietary instrumentation and software package has evolved as a direct result of our extensive field experience. William Pedler, President of RAS, is a Colorado School of Mines graduate (’83) with over 25 years experience in the industry. We are continually applying knowledge gained from our collaborative research efforts and real-world field applications to improve the technologies we offer. RAS works together in a collaborative way to continually advance the state of the art for the evaluation of aquifers and groundwater systems. Call Mr. Pedler today at (303) 517-0509 to discuss your project.

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