Integrated Subsurface Evaluation

Integrated Data Presentation

RAS Montage Presentation Example

RAS Montage Presentation Example: Northern Montana Site (click to enlarge)

RAS incorporates analyses of borehole geophysical, hydrophysical and other hydraulic data as a whole which allows for a more complete understanding of subsurface groundwater systems.

Analyses from any available data sets are incorporated to improve modeling and follow-on program development. Simple montages incorporating the borehole geophysical and hydrophysical results can be quickly provided. If more detail is desired, custom montages can be prepared in a larger format.

This custom large data montage presentation format is significantly easier for reviewers to compare various data results and analyses than single logs.

By integrating results from small to large scale testing using advanced tools, methods and analysis programs, we offer the most complete and cost effective groundwater evaluation services available to our market.

Montage Examples

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Voids Behind Casing Example

Voids Behind Casing Example

Weathered Fractured Bedrock Example

Weathered Fractured Bedrock Example

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