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Integrated Subsurface Evaluation

RAS Classes

Additional RAS strengths include our commitment to educational seminars and workshops. Our highly successful courses have been noted in The Congressional Record and have consistently been rated excellent/above average by students. Our classes qualify for Continuing Education Units offered by the Colorado School of Mines.

Recent Classes and Presentations

March 19-20, Shale-Gas Development and Water Issues Conference (Hilton Airport, Austin Texas) sponsored by the American Institute of Professional Geologists and the American Ground Water Trust.  Presentation on characterization of Aquifers by RAS Principal William Pedler at 1:30pm March 19.

March 20, 2013 SAGEEP Conference Poster Presentation on RAS Characterization work at the Captain Jack Superfund Site, Denver, CO

April 25, 2013 Edwards Aquifer Authority – Full Day Seminar on “Borehole Geophysical and Hydrophysical Methods for Aquifer Characterization” – held at EAA offices in San Antonio, contact Lacey: lwilliams@rasinc.org to register

April 28 – May 2, 2013  National Groundwater Association Summit, San Antonio, Texas, Paper Presentation on “Borehole Hydrophysical Logging Methods for the Edwards Aquifer Authority”

July 15 – 18, 2013 American Groundwater Trust Conference, Agoura Hills, CA. Presentation on “Hydrophysical Logging Methods for Shale-Gas and Water Development Applications”.