Integrated Subsurface Evaluation

RAS News

RAS has united with Dewey Data of Stockton, California to bring our advanced methods to the Central Valley. Operating locally in California, RAS works to help measure and monitor the groundwater and aquifer systems throughout California, using borehole geophysical and hydrophysical methods to quantify and characterize the valuable resource in these unprecedented drought conditions. Dewey Data has a 30+ year history in the area and is trusted by their clients. RAS contributes innovative methods to help understand important issues such as: where is methane occurring in the subsurface, how the groundwater interacts with the surface water, can artificial recharge be effective in the near surface, is the well vertical for effective pump operations, where is the saline water entering the well, and other critical concerns specific to California. Call William Pedler today at (303) 517-0509 to discuss your project.

RAS is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Century Geophysical Corporation, Tulsa, OK.  The purpose of this collaboration is to provide RAS’s unique and broad aquifer management and groundwater characterization capabilities together with Century’s complete range of geophysical services throughout a global network.  We can now offer high level hydrogeological field services with full analysis and reporting to this expanded worldwide network.

RAS is now in Canada!  Through our strategic partnership with Century Geophysical Corporation, RAS is operating out of Red Deer, Alberta.  We look forward to serving our Canadian customers with a full suite of geophysical and hydrogeologic services.