Integrated Subsurface Evaluation

Unique Capabilities

Unique Capabilities

We offer traditional borehole geophysical and imaging logs with a strong emphasis on the integration of these data with geology and groundwater flow evaluation to analyze the spatial distribution of hydrostratigraphic units. These unique groundwater flow evaluation methods include:

Is your aquifer sustainable? Our multi-scalar methodology is unique to the industry and allows small to large-scale evaluation of the subsurface to help make this determination:

  • Small scale – within a wellbore
  • Medium scale – well to well
  • Large scale – aquifer

RAS uniquely offers a full range of conventional and innovative methods including borehole geophysical and hydrophysical logging for characterizing the subsurface with the technological approaches offered by our specific equipment and analysis methods. We apply these methods to help determine solutions for problems caused by extreme drought conditions.

We offer the most experience along with the most advanced technologies and place a greater degree of emphasis on a multi-scalar, quality assured, integrated analysis of subsurface data. Our collaboration with long-established local entities and innovative university researchers assures that we maintain a technological edge along with a local presence. Call William Pedler today at (303) 517-0509 to discuss your project.