Integrated Subsurface Evaluation

Hydrophysical Logging Test Protocols

Single Well Tests

Ambient Flow Evaluation
(for both vertical and horizontal flow)

  • DI water emplacement and monitor water level
  • Continuous FEC logs
  • No pumping

Very Low Yield Wells
(cannot sustain minimal pumping without de-watering formation/interval of interest)

Slug or Rising Head Test after DI Emplacement

  • DI water emplacement
  • Baseline FEC log
  • Slug removal and recorded water level recovery
  • Periodic FEC logs.

Low to Moderate Yield Wells

Low Rate Pumping after DI Emplacement

  • DI water emplacement
  • Baseline log
  • Low rate pumping and record drawdown
  • Continuous FEC logs

Moderate to High Yield Wells

Pumping During DI Injection

  • Pumping and FEC logging until quasi-steady state drawdown condition observed
  • Start DI Injection
  • Raise pumping rate to maintain constant formation production rate
  • Continuous FEC logging until stable diluted FEC logs recorded